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    UISelectMany : must be of type List or Array (ERROR with <ri

    bilel derouiche Newbie


      I have a problem with my <rich:pickList> I can't display the items. When executing the application I got the following error:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ValueBinding for UISelectMany : must be of type List or Array
       at org.richfaces.utils.PickListUtils.findUISelectManyConverter(PickListUtils.java:59)
       at org.richfaces.utils.PickListUtils.findUISelectManyConverterFailsafe(PickListUtils.java:79)

      as the error message the selectItems is not a List but it is I can't understand!!.
      I transmit to you my backing bean

      public class AdminActionBean implements AdminActionLocal {
       private List<String> customersChoice;
       private List<String> companyNames;
       public void selectCompanyNames(){
       setCompanyNames((List<String>) getEm().createQuery("select c.companyName from Customer c")
      //getter() and settter......

      my .xhtml page

      <rich:pickList id="customersChoice" value="#{customersChoice}">
       <f:selectItems id="companyNames" value="#{companyNames}" />

      Have you got any Idea? thanks for help