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    2.2.1.GA source bundle?

    mazz Master

      Where can I download a .zip or tarball of the Remoting source for 2.2.1.GA (the version that ships with JBossAS 4.2.1.GA)?

      I'm sure I could just go to CVS and checkout the source, but I was hoping there is a nice bundle already in existance somewhere that matches the binaries that ship with JBossAS 4.2.1.GA.

      I can't find it in the maven repo


      or on the downloads page (which only go up to 2.2.0.GA)


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          Ron Sigal Master

          Hi John,

          Actually, a "source-ball" isn't something that I've been publishing, but we're going to start. I handrolled one for 2.2.2.SP2, and I'll create an ant target for doing it in the future. Also, future *-brew releases should have it, as well.