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    f:SelectItems in general Components

    Mariano Kocalka Machala Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm moving forward on Jboss-4.2.2-GA and richfaces jsf lib, also using jsf 1.2RI.

      In the past i was using myFaces Tomahawk components and at these times i was able to use the t:selectItems who actually allowed me to define label/value pairs list of Custom POJOS and be used directly from the web pages without any extra conversion job (i mean convert my dtos to a list of javax.faces.model.SelectItem

      for example, take a look to the following code

      <h:selectOneMenu value="..."
       <t:selectItems value="#{admUserPermissionController.userTypeList}" var="userType" itemLabel="#{userType.description}" itemValue="#{userType.userTypeId}"/>

      I've been reading the rich-faces programmer guide and all examples showed there makes reference to the "f:selectImtems" from the JSF RI.

      So far, what i saw is that for populate a list, they take the model and generate a list of javax.faces.model.SelectItem values to be rendered ...

      There is an equivalent functionality within Richfaces (im NOT talking about SEAM) who allows me to specify a selectItems tag with an arbitrary collection of elements? (not just javax.faces.model.SelectItem) ????

      Thanks In advance