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    New release: 2.2.2.SP3

    Ron Sigal Master

      We've just release Remoting version 2.2.2.SP3. The release notes are:

      Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.2.SP3

      ** Bug
      * [JBREM-823] - ServerInvoker#getMBeanObjectName() returns invalid ObjectName if host value is IPv6
      * [JBREM-845] - Infinite loop in BisocketClientInvoker.createSocket
      * [JBREM-858] - MaxPoolSize value should be used in key to MicroSocketClientInvoker.connectionPools
      * [JBREM-860] - Eliminate delay in MicroSocketClientInvoker.getConnection()

      ** Feature Request
      * [JBREM-852] - Verify IPv6 addresses are handled correctly
      * [JBREM-855] - Update build.xml to allow jdk 1.5 compiler to target JVM version 1.4

      ** Release
      * [JBREM-861] - Release 2.2.2.SP3

      ** Task
      * [JBREM-862] - Verify compatibility with earlier versions

      At the moment there is a jboss-remoting.jar, built with jdk 1.5, in the repository at http://repository.jboss.com/jboss/remoting/2.2.2.SP3-temp/. It will be replaced in the next day or so by a 2.2.2.SP3-brew directory. The 2.2.2.SP3-brew version will be built with jdk 1.5 but will target jdk 1.4 JVM's.