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    Need some advice

    Ovidiu Stanciu Newbie

      Hello and please excuse my total newbieness.

      I am building a web application that acts as a control panel to a collection of physical devices. I implemented the communication protocol as a RMI interface, whose methods are commands that need to be called from the web interface. The Remote object which acts as a RMI server resides on a host in the local network. The client should reside on the App Server.

      For what I understand from reading the JBoss Remoting docs, the idea should be that I have to implement a Service on the server who acts as a client to the remote RMI server. The Service will be used by my EJB session beans to send commands to the remote server, i.e. to the devices.

      Am I getting this right? If no, could you give me some tips?

      I'll be happy to provide further information if needed.

      Thank you for your time.