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    Can a TransporterServer generate port?

    Graeme Collis Newbie

      I want to randomly generate ports using TransporterServer. Currently I can wrap POJO's and beam them with a server with a known port number.

      To get around this I am currently storing the last port used and incrementing by one, then creating a Locator, then passing it to one of the TransporterServer.create??? methods. The issue is that sooner or later I will clash on an already in use port.

      OK, I can catch the exception and loop but is there a better way.

      If I try and use a PORT of 0 for the port in the locator string, when passed to the a TranporterServer.create??? this should produce a server on a random port. Unfortunately I cannot find a way get the actual PORT it used and therefore cannot create a locator for the client.

      Note the POJO's carry state so I need a server for each client.

      Any suggestions welcome, thanks, Graeme