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    How to insert new server-side application protocol based on

    Truc Bidule Newbie


      I hope being on the right forum.

      I am trying to port a custom protocol into JBoss, server side. It is a trivial synchronous protocole made of string data and binary data (in fact, compressed stuff). I can't tell much about it but it really looks as dummy as:

      client -- connects via SSL (2 way handshake) --> server
      client -- hello --> server
      client <-- hello -- server
      client -- how are you? --> server
      client <-- fine -- server
      client -- ok --> server
      connection is closed

      I have read much about Invoker and Remoting but it deals with RMI, however I don't need RMI (the client part is coded in C etc...). Am I on the wrong way?

      My idea is to create a service that listens to a configurable port, whenever a connection arrives, it enables the SSL and it creates a thread that will handle the custom protocol.
      I am aware that JBoss is able to do most of that already, but I don't know how to use it for my purpose. Which element to use, configure, which class (in addition of the class that handle the protocol) do I need to code and where.

      Any idea/tips or existing documentation?