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    Help with HA Remoting with JBoss

    Joe Gamache Newbie

      I've looked over all the remoting examples and they make sense to me and run no problems. I'm trying to use the "detection" examples that use JNDI. However, I need to use the HA-JNDI instance from with JBoss (4.2.2). I have an MBean, so what do I do? Do I
      add the defined instance of HAJNDI as an attribute to my MBean? If so,
      does it merely replace the JNDIDetector? Or both the JNDIDetector as
      well as the MBeanServer (as the HAJNDI instance must already be
      registered as an MBean...)

      I think I am creating the JNDIDetector in the standard way, but how do I get it (on the client side obviously) to use the HA-JNDI instance in jboss? Here is the code I have:

      // jndi detector will detect new network registries that come online
      JNDIDetector detector = new JNDIDetector(getConfiguration());
      // set config info for detector and start it.

      server.registerMBean(detector, new ObjectName("remoting:type=JNDIDetector"));

      thanks for any help