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    JBoss ESB issue

    Ron Sigal Master


      "Gowri" wrote:

      I am using JBOSS ESB socket listener in my project. I tried to connect to the server with this socket listener (JBR-Socket ) using a simple java client program which uses Socket API to make the connection. When I execute this program, I am getting Worker thread initialization error in JBOSS ESB server. But I am not getting this error if I am using org.jboss.remoting.Client for making the connection. Could you pls. let me know why I am getting this error?



      Hi Gowri,

      The JBR-Socket listener, if I understand correctly, is a JBossRemoting server, expecting to respond to requests from a JBossRemoting client. So you would either have to use a JBossRemoting client or make your client look like a JBossRemoting client. The latter is possible, but why bother?