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    Usability of Spring Deployer?

    umeshs79 Newbie


      I looked into spring deployer. and beleive we can use Spring Deploy if we need to share spring beanfactory/applicationcontext between ejb/wars as we can get it from JNDI context.

      Is ther any benifits/usability of using spring deployer?

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          Bill Burke Master

          Right now the benefits are only packaging and redeployment and JNDI lookup. If you can think of anything else let us know.

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            Oskari Kettunen Newbie

            I just started looking into this, but the main problem I need to resolve is the usage of classloaders in spring's configuration:

            We have a number of apps, each with several jar modules containing their respective spring descriptors. Spring's default mechanism is to add these as classpath:* resources, springs hibernate integration in turn scans the classpath for hibernate mappings. This forces us to use the .ear-scoped classloading, which in turn is mutualy exclusive with the use of some of JBossAS's Hibernate integration.

            What we need is more explicit (external) control on the lifecycle of this hierarchy of deployables. Preferably without filename suffixes, as extracting .har and .spring archives would triple the amount of jars.

            So, the question stands: is this eanywhere near that?