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    JBoss Hot Deployment Issue

    Hari Prasad Kuppuswamy Newbie

      Hai All,

      I have a issue with JBoss Hot Redeployment.

      I have an EAR say Static.ear,which uses a JAR file(Dynamic.jar) in my application.

      The logic is that,the Dynamic.jar is provided so that any user can use it to configure/customize some of functionalities in the application.From Static.ear,it uses reflection and loads the class from the Dynamic.ear to execute a customized feature.

      So now,intially I have deployed both EAR & JAR files.After sometime,the Dynamic.JAR is only updated.JBoss does not do a Hot Redeployment and it still uses the old JAR file classes.But when I redepoy the EAR,it takes the latest JAR file.

      Can anybody tell me where is the problem....