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    SpringDeployer compatible with Spring2.0 final

    Ales Justin Master


      I also added 'bean by type' lookup - thanks to c.vidal for providing almost full impl.

      So now you can simply just set spring module's jndiName, and if there is exactly one bean of your required type or if there are multiple the one with default name (field name or setter/getter name) - if exists - will be injected - otherwise exception will be thrown.

       @Spring(jndiName = "en-pojo")
       private RandomGenerator randomGenerator;

      Also there is work in progress to remove that jndiName attribute - replaced by module's default - as in EJB3 presistence context unit name.

      Another thing in progress is rewriting SpringDeployer to JBoss5 deployers - JIRA JBMICROCONT-26 - along with other IoC frameworks.

      Rgds, Ales