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    Where do I put XYZ-spring.xml

    gum naam Newbie

      Instead of creating a .spring archive, I am looking in to using the APPNAME-spring.xml file for spring deployment.

      My current setup is like this

      |_ app.ejb (contains ejb3 and all java classes)
      |_app-web.war (web application)

      If I want my spring code inside app-ejb.jar to be deployed by the spring deployer, should I place my app-spring.xml inside

      1) app.ear/app-spring.xml OR
      2) app-ear/app.ejb/app-spring.xml OR
      3) app-ear/app.ejb/META-INF/app-spring.xml ?

      Also do I have to add anything to app.ear/META-INF/application.xml or app.ear/app.ejb/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml ?

      Or will spring deployer will auto detect any -spring.xml file inside of a .ear or ejb-jar (app.ejb) ?

      thanks guys