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    Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. --a4j_3_2_1-SNAPSHOTorg

    Phil Wilson Apprentice

      Hey guys,

      I have been having some strange issues on IE. Firefox seems to be working ok..

      I am getting this error on my Error Console.

      Warning: Selector expected. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
      Source File:
      Line: 1

      Does anyone know if this could be a cause of any of my issues??

      My system is using.

      jsf-api_1_2.jar = ${maven.repo}/jsf/mojarra-1.2_09-b01-BETA1/lib/jsf-api.jar
      jsf-impl_1_2.jar = ${maven.repo}/jsf/mojarra-1.2_09-b01-BETA1/lib/jsf-impl.jar

      RichFaceApi_3_2.jar = ${maven.repo}/richFacesAjax/jars/richfaces_3_2_1_GA/richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA/lib/richfaces-api-3.2.1.GA.jar
      RichFaceImpl_3_2.jar = ${maven.repo}/richFacesAjax/jars/richfaces_3_2_1_GA/richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA/lib/richfaces-impl-3.2.1.GA.jar
      RichFaceUi_3_2.jar = ${maven.repo}/richFacesAjax/jars/richfaces_3_2_1_GA/richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA/lib/richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA.jar

      tomcat.home60=C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 6.0/webapps

      I am just looking for anything...that could fix my issues..