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    Using JBoss Spring Deployer

    Joga Singh Newbie

      I wanted to deploy my service component using Spring on JBoss, and then access this component from Swing client using RMI. This is what I did:

      - Downloaded the spring-deploer.zip
      - Copied the jboss-spring-jdk5.deployer to Jboss server\default\deploy folder.
      - Copied my component jar to the server\default\lib folder
      - Created a stockmgr-spring.xml, which has my bean declarations and RmiServiceExporter, and copied to the deploy folder. I could see the Jboss deploy messages without any errors.

      On the client side I did the required config for spring. When I try to get the reference to my component, I get errors "Connection refused".

      Versions of my softwares:
      JBoss: 4.2.1
      Spring: 2.0.7
      JDK: 1.6.0_05

      Is there anything I am doing wrong ? I can post my config files, if required.

      Thanks & Regards,