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    works on Tomcat but not on other servers

    Simon Cigoj Newbie

      I'm developing a java faces webapp

      my specifications :

      java sun RI 1.2
      richfaces 3.2.1Snapshot
      a4j for ajax support
      Oracle database
      Developing with Eclipse 3.3.2

      ...for testing and developing I'm using Tomcat 6....bu the final aplication will have to run on Oracle 10g

      I make a succesful deploy to oracle but a lot of things are working differently or not working at all as on Tomcat. For example a lot of css of the rich faces components doesnt even load and on some ajay requests the application crashes...sometimes even killing the Oracle server.

      I tried also on Glasfish and I couldnt even deploy my war succesfuly there.

      On Tomcat 6 on the other hand it everything is working smoothly.

      Does anyone have some suggestions for that kind of problems?

      Help would be very appreciated.