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    JBoss running really really really slowly

    Ray Clough Newbie

      I've got a fairly large app which runs well on Tomcat or Geronimo. On JBoss 5.0.0CR2 is is extermely slow. Each page takes about 5 minutes, as opposed to 1-2 secs on Tomcat or Geronimo. There is no error output indicating a problem, and eventually the pages do come up. The logic behind the pages seems to run fast, it is the page rendering which is so glacial. The app has old Struts & Tiles modules and newer JSF modules, which we're hoping to adapt to Seam (which is why we're so interested in JBoss). Any suggestions on how to start to figure this out. I'd really like to use JBoss for our commercial customers, but we need speed.

      Ray Clough