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    JBPM 3.0 Help

    vikas kadam Newbie

      I am migrating JBPM 2.0 to JBPM 3.0. I have successfully transform process definition. However, in JBPM 2.0 I used FORMs and FORMs variables to display and capture my customized JSPs that used checkboxes, radio buttons, input boxes etc., However, I am trying to create similar JSPs in JBPM 3.0; however, due to constraint nature of JSF and CONTROLLER JPDL I am having difficulty creating JSPs that I created for my earlier application written in JBPM 2.0. Do you suggest or recommend any way to create customized JSP to display and capture process variables.

      Please let me know.
      Vikas kadam

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          The jBPM 3.0 webui is not ready for fullblown mainstream use. It currently is a barebones demo client for people wanting do do some rapid prototyping or demo or for people who want to see how the api can be used. As you have seen, checkboxes, radiobuttons etc are not in there yet. I do not however see what you meen by 'constraint nature of ....' Could you explain that a little more?

          In future releases it will be more a complete client but in may cases wil not be sufficient. We will be providing a jsf library with enough faces in there so you can more easily develop your own ui.



          p.s. Could you please be more specific with the message headers? JBPM 3.0 is so general that it basically does not say anything about the content.

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            vikas kadam Newbie

            Thanks Ron. It looks like I have to create custom JSP pages to capture process variables and use handlers to assign and validate those variables in JBPM tables. The constraint I mentioned in my previous email was specific to JBPM 3.0 example rather than JSF itself. I was hoping to use your webui and application framework as it is without much of a coding on my part.

            Thanks again,
            Vikas Kadam.

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              Hey, if you want to extend the webui with boolean form fields etc, in the form of jsf we do not want to keep you from contributing it :-)

              Currently the focus has been more on the core than the webui, but since people start contributing now, we can do both.


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                amir kamal Newbie

                Hi Vikas
                can you please give me a complete deployed sample including a web interface in order to understand the jbpm 3.0 completly...
                your any help will be highly appreciated