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    Oracle mapping or dialect issue (column not found)

    brittm Novice

      I'm porting a large application from Postgres to Oracle. I've begun to get Oracle errors indicating 'column not found' on some API calls. The following query is being generated by Hibernate and causes the error:

      taskinstan0_.ID_ as ID1_,
      taskinstan0_.TASKMGMTINSTANCE_ as TASKMGM16_26_
      JBPM_TASKINSTANCE taskinstan0_
      taskinstan0_.TOKEN_=? and (taskinstan0_.END_ is null) and taskinstan0_.ISCANCELLED_=false

      manually running the query with the last phrase changed to

      enables the query to be run. I've noticed that the Oracle create scripts that were generated have naturally created these 'booleans' as number fields. Does anyone recognize this issue?