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    couldn't fetch JbpmSessionFactory from jndi 'java:/mdt/JbpmS

    Legend Peng Newbie

      Hi, All. I tried to integrate JBPM support into my existing application. But when i start the application in JBoss (the SchedulerServlet, which is the timer service cause this), it throw the error below:
      Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: couldn't fetch JbpmSessionFactory from jndi 'java:/mdt/JbpmSessionFactory'
      at org.jbpm.db.JbpmSessionFactory.getInstance(JbpmSessionFactory.java:64)
      at org.jbpm.webapp.context.PersistenceContext.(PersistenceContext.java:11)

      Then I disabled the SchedulerServlet, but when i issue the index.jsp, it produce the same error.

      Then I check the log, the session factory should be created and bound correctly. Here is the log:
      [JbpmService] binding JbpmSessionFactory 'java:/mdt/JbpmSessionFactory' into JNDI...

      If i replace my application with the original jbpm.war, it's ok. So i think it's not a JBoss configuration error?

      Anyone has any idea and help me. Thanks in advance.

      regards, Legend