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    JBPM 3.0 + How go I get Actor ID or Previous Actor ID

    vikas kadam Newbie


      In JBPM 2.0 I could get actor Id and previous actor Id using executionContext.getActorId() or executionContext.getPreviousActorId() call. However, JBPM 3.0 does not have Actor ID or Previous Actor ID associated to executionContext.

      I have business requirement in my decisionHandler that requires actorID and previousID. And, based on this information I take appropriate actions.

      So far I have tried
      (1) String actorId = executionContext.getTaskInstance().getActorId();
      (2) String prevActorId = executionContext.getTaskInstance).getPreviousActorId(); and
      (3) String actorId1 = executionContext.getTaskMgmtInstance().getSwimlaneInstance(swimlane).getActorId().

      In first two cases, TaskInstance is null and I do not get actor Id or previous actor Id. In third case, I have to give swimlane to get an actor id. I am interested in getting actor Id (user) who initiated the task and not the actor who is associated to the swimlane.

      Please let me know.

      Thanks in advance,

      Vikas Kadam