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    fork vs decision

    Matthew Purdy Newbie

      what the difference between a fork and a decision?

      i thought the fork would traverse both side of the fork, however it doesnt... i dont see difference. (i.e. in both case, either the default side will be traversed or using the api you can decide which way to go)

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          The default fork implementation spawns multiple parallel stats/nodes/tasknodes/etc.... and activates all. The decision only takes one of the outgoing transitions.

          If you see the fork not taking all available transitions you probably have one of the transitions going fairly directly into the join or the end. That is a 'bug' in jBPM 2.0 and most likely 3.0. Make sure (to see the right behaviour) to have wait states on all outgoing transitions

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            Matthew Purdy Newbie

            okay, thanx :-)
            let me follow up on that and work on a model... that way i can have an example to show you.