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    Evaluating JBpm 3.0

    Stefan Maric Newbie

      I am evaluating JBpm as a possible candidate for a project that is about to start

      If I look at

      There appears to be no start-state defined

      Then you realise that this is NOT up to date - the schema can be found at

      If you study the schema you realise that the GPD tool does NOT support a lot of the schema - Super-state, process-state, timer, script ...

      I guess this is NOT too much of a problem as I can hand-craft the process-definition.xml (our Business Analysts won't like this)

      Is there any documentation that tabulates what parts of the schema are supported by the JBpm runtime

      Is the JBpm runtime Monitor going to be able to show the processes diagramatically - ie re-use the GPD to show what state it's in & when/what is completed

      This would also be a useful feature for debugging a process design -
      ie control single step, process breakpoints

      I have used these features in a product - Extricity (don't know if it is still called that) a few years ago