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    modifying the websale example

    Matthew Purdy Newbie

      i created a web project using myEclipse of the the websale example so i could deploy it and learn more about jbpm. however, after building and deploying it, i couldnt find a way to change the process?

      assume the following:
      the current functionality is sufficient.
      i have my own process model.

      what must i do to deploy my process model into the starter kit jboss configuration server? initially, just to use the same model and change the user names would be good start; then redeploy.

      the only file i found which include the usernames was jbpm-starters-kit-3.0/jbpm/src/resources/hsqldb/identity.db.xml.

      if this functionality is not available yet, what were the steps taken to produce the demo (i.e. how did you push the process model xml file into the system).