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    After .end() tasks still open and graph exec continues

    brittm Novice

      I've got two issues that arise after calling processInstance.end() that I'm not sure how to handle.

      1) Available tasks are still returned by taskMgmtSession.findPooledTaskInstances(poolName) for the ended process .
      2) If the open tasks are then subsequently cancelled, the process graph continues execution, despite the fact that the process has been ended.

      When a process is cancelled (prematurely ended), I need the ability to cancel out any open tasks without furthuring the process instance (graph execution should stop).

      This is the code I'm using to end the process instance:

       //Record a standardized variable that we can use to determine that this process has
       // been 'cancelled' and not just ended.
       pi.getContextInstance().createVariable("cancelled", request.getParameter("reason") == null ? "" : request.getParameter("reason"));
       pi.getContextInstance().createVariable("cancelled_by", request.getParameter("actor") != null ? request.getParameter("actor") : user);
       //End the process instance and any active tokens
       //Unfortunately, we may still have open tasks, even though their parent tokens
       // have been ended. So we'll simply get all tasks from all tokens and cancel
       // them if they are still active.
       String hql = "from "+Token.class.getName()+" as t where t.processInstance = :instance" ;
       Query hqlQuery = jbpmSession.getSession().createQuery( hql );
       hqlQuery.setEntity("instance", pi);
       List tokensForInstance = hqlQuery.list();
       if(tokensForInstance != null && tokensForInstance.size() > 0) {
       for (Iterator itr = tokensForInstance.iterator(); itr.hasNext();) {
       Token t = (Token)itr.next();
       List tasks = taskMgmtSession.findTaskInstancesByToken(t.getId());
       Iterator taskItr = tasks.iterator();
       while(taskItr.hasNext()) {
       TaskInstance ti = (TaskInstance)taskItr.next();
       if(!ti.hasEnded()) ti.cancel();

      I looked for a jira on this--there is one with a title about a task instance fix, but it has no description.
      Is there another strategy I should be using?