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    Wonderful Project

    James Gerlach Newbie

      I haven't seen anyone posted it in awhile, so I wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work of all involved in developing and documenting this project.

      I've found it robust and user friendly. The extensibility and pluggable nature made it a perfect replacement for several hundred of my too few man hours.

      Thank you and keep up the good work!

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Thanks, always good to hear from people who can use jBPM without much hassle. Sometime these forums get cluttered with messages of people having problems. But hey, that's what these forums are for, asking for help.

          Could you describe, without going into much detail, what your knowledge of java, business processes, app servers is? That way people can 'validate' their own knowledgebase when starting to use jBPM.

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            James Gerlach Newbie

            Sure - My programming experience is fairly extensive. I've been programming for about 20 years - the last 6 in java and dotNet. I'm usually working on a combination of EJB's, Web Services, Servlets, Struts apps, RIA (via Laszlo), or connector classes to migrate off legacy systems.

            My app server experience for java is JBoss, Tomcat before that. I'm not familiar with the others.

            My DB background is MS SQL and postgres.

            My IDE's of choice are Intellij and Eclipse - mostly Eclipse for new projects.

            My business process experience prior to JBPM was only in Use Cases and turning user requirements into working web apps. Every project required its own DB schema, code, jsp's, etc. Even though projects may share data, the coding of the process was redundant and specific to the project.

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              Somkid Bumee Newbie

              Hi, I am so sorry that trouble you. I try to use jbpm. I really want to use it in my senior project. Unforntunately, I have some computational background. I knew your epert one who can help me. I want to create my process but I can not understand the document. The document is give deeply detail. I knew that if I want create new process, I can deploy it via GPD. After I deployed it, it don't show the pict of process. I am sure I write ProcessImageServlet inside process. What 's happen? D you have any suggestion?