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    Graphical Process Designer 3.0.1

    Koen Aers Master

      Hi All,

      I want to announce via these fine forums the 3.0.1 release of the Graphical Process Designer. The eyecatchers of this release are the code completion in the XML source tab (when the JPDL XSD if referenced) and the addition of a 'Design' tab taken from the WTP XML editor where you see the XML in tree format with the ability to add attributes and children based on the XSD. The XSD reference is automatically added to the processdefinition tag when creating a process definintion using the wizards.
      In addition to this, it is now possible to add and configure a single task in the start-state node so that a link is generated in the webapp when this process gets deployed (if this is desired of course).

      Enjoy it,