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    regarding cancelTimersForProcessInstance

    Susant Patnaik Newbie

      Hi all,
      is it compulsoty to call SchedulerSession.cancelTimersForProcessInstance() .
      I am stuck with one problem on this cancelTimerForProcessInstance.
      the problem is like
      i have a process like this :
      startstate->approvalstate1->approvalstate2-end but here i am able to go up to approvalstate1 and also i am able to end the approvalstate2 but when i call
      it gives the problem.
      Please guide me i am making mistake . i am stuck on this problem

      the code i am pasting here.

      public void completeWorkItem(long taskInstanceId, Map map)throws WFSrvException
       log.info("in completeWorkItem ");
       long strprocesInstId = 0;
       LoggingInstance loggingInstance = null;
       String strNxtActr ="";
       JbpmSession jbpmSession = jbpmSessionFactory.openJbpmSession();
       TaskInstance taskInstance = jbpmSession.getTaskMgmtSession().loadTaskInstance(taskInstanceId);
       ProcessInstance processInstance = taskInstance.getTaskMgmtInstance().getProcessInstance();
       strprocesInstId = processInstance.getId();
       processInstance.getContextInstance().setVariable("variable",map); taskInstance.end(); }if (processInstance.hasEnded()) {
       log.info("in completeWorkItem()....step3.1 else....");
       log.info("The process has finished.");
       } else{
       log.info("till now the process has not finished");
       loggingInstance = processInstance.getLoggingInstance();
       List assignmentLogs = loggingInstance.getLogs(TaskAssignLog.class);
       log.info("hi ...process instance : -->"+processInstance.getId());
       log.info("after commit in wfeng");

      waiting for reply.

      Thanks in Advance,