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    swimlane assignment expression

    Enrique Ruiz Newbie


      The user guide says: First terms
      swimlane(swimlane-name) means the user or group is taken from the specified swimlane instance

      But in the ExpressionAssignmentHandler.java the swinlane(groupname) case isn't supported:

      protected Entity resolveFirstTerm(String term) {
       } else if ( (term.startsWith("swimlane("))
       && (term.endsWith(")")) ) {
       String swimlaneName = term.substring(9,term.length()-1).trim();
       String userName = getSwimlaneActorId(swimlaneName);
       entity = getUserByName(userName);
       } else if ( ...

      Is this a bug?

      IMHO the two definitions below don't have the same behaviour:

      <task name="estimate-evaluate">
      <assignment expression="swimlane(test)" />
      <task name="estimate-evaluate" swimlane="test"></task>

      Must they have the same behaviour?