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    where can I put java file

    Somkid Bumee Newbie

      Hi all,

      I know that if I want to update my process (.par), I can put it iside build.xml or build.deploy.xml. But for the java file (Action Handler or others), where can I update it? I try to create my process in Eclipse and run it as JUnit, it 's ok. Then I update the .par in build.deploy.xml and run on jboss. It can not find the configuration and HIbernate is blank also. How to solve it.

      For my process, I just create .par and ActionHandler. Anything else? Am I miss something?


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          use the gpd and create a new project. You'll see an example.

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            Somnuk Thongmee Newbie

            I created new process according the gpd, including actionHandler file (java files) but I don't know where I should put java files when I want to deploy by ant. I saw only updated position of .par in build.deploy.xml.

            <target name="deploy.processes" depends="declare.jbpm.tasks" description="deploys the jbpm processes">
             <ant antfile="build.xml" target="build.processes" inheritall="false" />
             <deploypar properties="src/resources/hsqldb/create.db.hibernate.properties">
             <fileset dir="build" includes="*.par" />

            Where can I put java files (actionHandler files and others)?

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              I did not say to just look at the ant files, but at the example as well. There is a directory which contains one java class (messageaction if I'm right) so that is one clue. If you then look in the ant code you posted, you'll see a dependency on BUILD.PROCESSES in the BUILD.XML file. Take a look there and you'll be surprised.

              Besides this, I feel less and less obliged to reply to your posts. You seem to lack a basic knowledge of java, j2ee and likely (but you do not seem to have gotten that far) bpm. In total I think my responses to you took more that half a day. spare, free leisure time that is. Commercial tarifs would have been around the ?500,- (not that I want that ;-) cause I like helping people out. But it could have been spent playing golf, preparing my snowboard or other useless things. But these get more and more appealing by the minute.

              I hope I have not offended you, but do not expect to many responses from me anymore on questions like the ones you posted.