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    Messages are lost on redirect

    Juan Ignacio Sánchez Lara Apprentice

      In brief: has RichFaces got something in order not to lose JSF messages on redirects?

      This is my situation:
      I've been using SJSAS 8.1 (Sun Java System Application Server) + MyFaces 1.1.5 + RichFaces 3.1.5 successfully for some months, but now I'm facing a migration to SJSAS 9.2. It involves upgrading to JSF 1.2 and RichFaces 3.2. Since it bundles Sun JSF RI 1.2 and it's not possible to use MyFaces 1.2 in the application (with the previous versions you could, you can't now) I can't longer use MyFaces redirect tracker. As you know, MessagesRedirectTracker allowed to keep messages through redirects. In RichFaces documentation you say you should use '' to avoid Javascript problems with some browsers (internet explorer 5.5, AFAIK), so it'd be nice RichFaces support that feature.

      And no, I doesn't use Seam either.