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    parallel execution of several paths after fork-node

    j m Newbie

      hi all,

      I'd like do be able to execute several paths after a fork node in parallel - is there any solution for that?

      I have the following example in mind:

       | |
       process1 process2.1
       | |
       | process2.2
       | |

      all processes are implemented as ActionHandlers and called via
      <action name="xyz.ProcessXY" ..../> within nodes.

      process2.1 is a long time consuming process and process2.2 depends
      on calculations of process2.1

      process1 is a very simple process an takes very short.

      Is there any way to start execution of process1 and process2.1 in parallel - are there any
      working examples?

      By the way I figured out that the fork and join nodes only seems to work correctly if I named the -elements which only is an optional
      attribute ??

      thanks in advance