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    Timer is not created

    Bernd Ruecker Master

      I have the following task-node. If jBPM enters this state, no timer is created (I looked in the JBPM_TIMER and there is nor row!). What can be the problem here?

       <task-node name="state.WaitForGoods">
       <task swimlane="ccs">
       <timer name="NeededGoodsWatchdog" duedate="10 business minutes" repeat="10 business minutes">
       <action class="com.camunda.ccs.process.orderprocessing.OrderActions$NeededGoodsWatchdog"/>
       <transition name="transition.cancelOrder" to="state.end">
       <action class="com.camunda.ccs.process.orderprocessing.OrderActions$CancelOrder"/>
       <transition name="transition.goodsReceived" to="state.decideGoodsInStock">
       <transition name="transition.breakDeliveryDate" to="state.Delayed">

      By the way: We use mySQL 4.1