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    JPDL vs Standards

    Igor Santos Newbie

      Hi! This is a question directed to the creators of jbpm. I've started working with jbpm the last few months and I hope to be working on it on the near future. I think is a nice approach but there are still some things I don't understand about the choice of jpdl, why did you choose to develop a new modelling language instead of using a standard like xpdl? I reckon is because of the Graph Oriented Programming approach you chose, but sometimes is difficult to "sell" a product to your boss if is not based on standards... How do you think jpdl will interact with modellin standards like BPDM, BPMN, XPDL,...? Is there any further work planned on XMI to jdpl translation? What I would like to know is how do you think jpdl is positioned in the discusion of BPM standards like the ones presented in http://www.workflow-research.de/Publications/Slides/TRNA.MIZU-State_of_Standards_(AIIM_2005-05-17).pdf