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    ExpressionAssignmentHandler burned into jbpm core

    Thomas Sandor Newbie


      I'd like to use my own ExpressionAssignmentHandler, but I think, it's not true and easy as docs mention at http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v3/userguide/taskmanagement.html#removingtheidentitycomponent. ExpressionAssignmentHandler and thus identity component is burned into JpdlXmlReader at the function readAssignmentDelegation:


      I'd like to ask if there's a workaround to this issue? How can I use my extended ExpressionAssignmentHandler?


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          Kenny Chiang Newbie

          The setting ExpressionAssignmentHandler is read only on the time of proccess being deployed. So we have two options to work arround this problem. The first is modifing the JpdlXmlReader soruce file, replace "org.jbpm.identity.assignment.ExpressionAssignmentHandler" with your implemented class name, then rebuild the jbpm-XXX.jar. The most important step is to re-install the process designer in Eclipse so that when you depoly a process, your ExpressionAssignmentHandler class name will be saved into the table JBPM_DELEGATION. The other approach is more simple: issue the following SQL updat statement after deployment: update JBPM_DELEGATION set CLASSNAME_ = 'FULL_CLASSE_NAME_OF_YOUR_EXPRESSION_HANDLER'

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            Thomas Sandor Newbie

            Thanks. It was a post from 2005 on jbpm v3.0.x. I think, I used

            <assignment class="myHandlerClass">
            in the processdefinition.xml, swimlane section. However, your solution may work also.