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    Task duedate issue

    Guillem Gelabert Newbie

      Not sure if here the place to post this one, but here it goes:
      I was trying to set duedate to a task with the following code:

      <task name="mytask" blocking="true" description="My Task Description" duedate="10 seconds">
       <assignment class="com.okkum.arada.workflow.assignment.HighAssign" />

      but duedate wasn't stored into the database, descripction, blocking and name were but not duedate, after checking the xml schema documentation:

      and the xml schema file itself, found that duedate was the supposed name the the attribute. Then I checked org.jbpm.jpdl.xml.JpdlXmlReader and found that in method readTask line 241:


      parser was looking for dueDate attribute not for duedate, I changed duedate for dueDate in my process definition file and it worked, stored duedate into the database.
      I suppose changing this line from dueDate to duedate should solve the problem but haven't really checked it.