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    JDPL - Two roles performing same task

    brittm Novice

      You cannot assign two swimlanes to the same state/task--that would be conceptually contradictory. What you are doing is, in essence, defining a new and separate role/swimlane. If you don't want to define a new group across your systems, you may want to define the new swimlane in the process definition and handle who can see/access/complete states that are assigned to that swimlane in your user interface.


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          Enrique Ruiz Newbie

          The new AssignmentHandler interface introduced in jBPM 3.0 gives you the control to assign tasks, you can develop your own assignment policy.

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            As shown in http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=72818

            It is easy to use the delegation mechanism in Jbpm 3.0 to code our own AssignmentHandler :

            public class MyAssignmentClass implements AssignmentHandler {
             String myFieldA;
             String myFieldB;
             public void assign(Assignable assignable, ExecutionContext executionContext) {

            But does anyone have a sample of the code in assign(..) method ?
            As for my problem, I would like to return a new group built from two real groups from the database. So that all the actor in the two groups can run the task calling the handler.
            Thank you ...

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              Here is my example, it works for my purpose waiting that Jbpm includes its own feature "children group or nested groups".

              In your process definition :

              <swimlane name="start" >
               <assignment class="package.MergeGroupsAssignmentHandler">
              <start-state name="launch">
               <task swimlane="start"><controller/></task>
               <transition name="launch.ok" to="init" />

              Here is the Handler code :

              package package;
              import org.apache.commons.logging.Log;
              import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory;
              import org.jbpm.db.JbpmSession;
              import org.jbpm.db.JbpmSessionFactory;
              import org.jbpm.graph.exe.ExecutionContext;
              import org.jbpm.identity.Group;
              import org.jbpm.identity.hibernate.IdentitySession;
              import org.jbpm.taskmgmt.def.AssignmentHandler;
              import org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.Assignable;
               * Specific handler to merge some groups, so that the task can be done by any member of the merged groups.
               * @author Sébastien NOEL - Dexia BIL
              public class MergeGroupsAssignmentHandler implements AssignmentHandler
               /** Fully qualified class name. */
               static private final String FQCN = MergeGroupsAssignmentHandler.class.getName();
               /** Our logger. */
               static private Log log = LogFactory.getLog(MergeGroupsAssignmentHandler.class);
               /** Configuration given by the handler definition in the process definition. It must be a semi colon separated values like "group1;group2". */
               public String groupList = null;
               /** Required for serialization. */
               static private final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
               * Check the <code>groupsName</code> values. They should be a list of existing groups.
               * @exception Exception Thrown if check failed.
               private void checkGroupList(String[] groupsName) throws Exception
               if (groupsName == null) {
               throw new Exception("groupsName parameter is null");
               JbpmSession jbpmSession = JbpmSessionFactory.getInstance().openJbpmSession();
               jbpmSession.beginTransaction(); // really needed in Read only mode ? But no overhead (even not 1 ms !)
               IdentitySession iSession = new IdentitySession(jbpmSession.getSession());
               for (int idx = 0; idx < groupsName.length; idx++) {
               Group group = iSession.getGroupByName(groupsName[idx]);
               if (group == null) {
               throw new Exception("Check your handler configuration : group called '"+ groupsName[idx]+"' can't be found in the system.");
               /** Basic constructor. It is called at each access to this handler mechanism. */
               public MergeGroupsAssignmentHandler() {
               * Splits the configuration into an array of group name.
               * @exception Exception Thrown on incorrect configuration.
               private String[] analyseConfiguration() throws Exception
               final String localMethodName = FQCN + ".analyseConfiguration()";
               if (this.groupList == null || "".equals(this.groupList.trim())) {
               throw new Exception("Handler configuration incorrect : expected group list for parameter groupList='"+ this.groupList +"' ("+ localMethodName +")");
               String[] tokens = this.groupList.split(";");
               if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
               StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
               for (int idx=0; idx < tokens.length; idx++) {
               sb.append("'").append(tokens[idx]).append("', ");
               log.debug(localMethodName + " Found from configuration : ["+ sb.toString() + "].");
               return tokens;
               * Concatenates all the groups name given by {@link #groupList} into the <code>assignable</code>.
               public void assign(Assignable assignable, ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception
               long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
               final String localMethodName = FQCN + ".assign(Assignable assignable, ExecutionContext executionContext)";
               String[] groupsName = analyseConfiguration();
               log.debug(localMethodName + "Time elapsed : "+ (System.currentTimeMillis() - start) +" ms.");

              I hope this could help ...