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    Stopping/restarting workflows

    Jim McMaster Newbie

      My team evaluated jBPM a few months ago, in the 3.0 alpha releases. At the time, there were too many problems with it, so we went with a simple home-grown workflow based on Message-Driven EJBs. That got us going, but we are running into limitations of that approach. We are now investigating jBPM and other possible solutions again.

      One of the requirements we have is for a Workflow Manager application to halt a running workflow in mid-stream. The user might or might not want to restart the workflow where it left off at some future time.

      I have looked at the jBPM documentation, but do not see a good way to accomplish this. Am I missing something, or is this an unrealistic thing for my customers to expect?

      Thank you for any assistance.

      Jim McMaster