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    Designer Development

    George Williams Newbie

      I have downloaded the JBPM Designer.

      I can compile the deisgner from the source code on my machine. By running the build.xml in the build project of the jbpm.

      I would like to make some enchancements to the designer and may be release it back.

      The ones I am interested in adding and know some of the devleopers are already working on are swimlanes. If some one can give me a quick over view on how it is being done I can take it from there and run with it.

      My biggest pain point at this juncture is to make changes to the ui code and compile it and run it locally... If someone can help me with this it would be perfect.

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          Koen Aers Master

          Hi George,

          Swimlane support will be added using the Eclipse forms mechanism. A fourth tab in the editor will allow to define swimlanes, that can then be used to add to the tasks of a task node. Task nodes will show their task(s), in the same way as classes show their attributes in UML class diagrams. Any comment and/or cooperation is greatly appreciated.
          I don't understand your final remark though...


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            George Williams Newbie


            Thank you for your reply.

            I have seen the code where you add a new swimlane page.

            I am adding a new property page to the Task Node properties where you can assign swimlanes to a task node.

            My last comment was I could not previously make changes and compile the code I made changes to locally .. But I found a build.xml file which you had and from then I am able to make changes locally and compile and test it.

            I am also planning to implement the functionality on the swimlage designer page. Do you already have done some implementation or is it still in the same page definition phase.


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              Koen Aers Master


              As a matter of fact, I am continuing the work on the swimlane page today. They are still in the same state as mid-august, but the plan is to have swimlane support by the end of this month I am certainly interested to look at your implementations if you are willing to contribute them. Send them to my_given_name at jbpm dot org.