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    ProcessDefinition Versioning & parsing wrong pd-files

    Hannes Stillerich Newbie

      Hallo there :)
      I am working on a small project, based on jportal & jbpm - now I am creating a small portlet that shows, loads and deletes process definitions. To get a better overview of the definitions I want to show the version - does the function int ProcessDefinition::getVersion() provide this feature? Where do I have to add the version information in the xml?

      <process-definition name='testflow' version='1.0'>
      doesn't do anything: getVersion() is always '-1'.

      My second question is how to avoid loading corrupt process definitions. The reason is that my little portlet has a file upload functionality - but ProcessDefinition.parseXmlInputStream(...) does not always complain if the file is bad: e.g. it reads without error the 'jboss-build.xml' ant-script. Funnily enough the 'name' could be extracted, but I haven' dared instantiating such a process yet :)
      Does a jbpl validation function exist?

      Thank you and greetings from Germany :)