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    RichFaces 3.2.1: TLDs in richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA.jar Fail Sche

    Steve Austin Newbie

      Hello RichFaces Team,

      We have found that 4 of the .tld files contained in the richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA.jar aren't compliant with the .xsd they reference. This is causing a lot of errors on deployment to Geronimo 2.1 server. The four files are:

      One schema violation is that the

      elements are listed before the
      elements in rich.tld and richfaces.tld. We have also found that many of the schema violation errors are due to the "<display-name>" elements placed out of order as well.

      Here's a link to a discussion with the Geronimo team as we investigated this issue:

      We have edited the previously mentioned .tld files and patched our richfaces-ui-3.2.1.GA.jar file with those updated .tld files and have been able to get rid of the schema validation errors during deployment. We're hoping you can officially "fix" the .tld files.

      Thanks for your help,