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    Choose the next node while there is a multiple tasks

    abdennebi mohamed Newbie

      First, excuse my english , because i am french.

      Suppose that we have a simple election system :

      <task-node name='vote'>
       <task name='voice1' swimlane='alice'/>
       <task name='voice2' swimlane='bob'/>
       <task name='voice2' swimlane='martin'/>
       <transition name="case1" to="case1"/>
       <transition name="case2" to="case2"/>
      <task-node name="case1">
      <task-node name="case2">

      The three tasks can be executed in parallel, but the choice of the next node is not based on majority, it's done on the choice of the last execution :

      alice executes : taskinstance.end("case1"); and wait
      bob executes : taskinstance.end("case1"); and wait


      Now martin had to execute his task :

      The process goes to the "case2" task-node beacause it was the last choice.

      How I should do to make choice based on the number of choosen transition instead of on the lastest choice.