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    BPEL support

    Élvio Andrade Newbie


      i know that jbpm extensions for BPEL has been released recently and I would like to know how capable it is? I now that the capability to publish processes as web services will be available in october but i also would like to know about features like error handling, compensation, full invoking and receiving capabilities, etc... Can you give me an overall look about the BPEL extension development and support stage?

      We are looking for a workflow engine and it is desirable that the chosen WE should use "standard" language definition, it should also offer persistence, compensation ( ways of undoing a process or the work that has been done until a certain point), clustering and error handling capabilities.



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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          Current capabilities:

          + Data handling
          - Definition (variables)
          - Persistence
          - Manipulation (expressions)
          + Service interactions
          - Relationships (partner links)
          - Conversations (correlation)
          - Publication
          - Invocation
          + Control flow
          - Structured (sequence, switch, while)
          - Paralell (flow & links)
          - Event based (pick - onMessage events only)
          + Nested units of work (scopes)
          - Events out of flow (onMessage events only)

          Future work:
          + Scheduling (wait)
          + Control flow
          - Event based (pick - onAlarm events)
          + Nested units of work
          - Events out of flow (onAlarm events)
          - Fault handling
          - Compensation

          jBPM BPEL uses Hibernate for persistence, so it inherits its clusterability.


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            Élvio Andrade Newbie

            thanks Alex,

            i took a look at the API and i saw classes for fault handlers and compensation, this means that they will be available soon?

            thanks again


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              Alejandro Guizar Master


              Yes, they will! Also, there is already some work on scheduling. We are getting closer to beta stage...