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    A BPM book

    Ziya Suzen Newbie

      Hi there,

      I saw this book from O'Reilly "Essential Business Process Modeling" and it looked interesting.


      Has anyone read this book? Would you suggest it?



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          Kevin Galligan Newbie

          Never saw that, but just ordered it. Should be here tomorrow. I'll post back with thoughts when I get a chance.

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            Kevin Galligan Newbie

            Well, my "Same Day Delivery In Manhattan" took a couple days. Anyway, the book looks pretty good.

            I'm only in chapter 1, so I can't really comment on the rest of the book other than summaries. Some of it is the current state of the bpm industry and standards. I think these details will be less interesting in a couple years as things shift. They cover a lot of the history of the standards buildup. BEPL, but also what led to BPEL, etc.

            Were you to build a new bpm processor this would be a good book to breeze through first. They talk about suggeted architecture, process theory, standards chapters (bpel, bpmn + bpml, wfmc, w3c choreography, and an "other" chapter).

            There's also a design pattern chapter, and some example sections at the end.

            I was thinking they might mention jbpm, but from what I can see so far they stick to the bigger commercial players. However, I hit a familiar name in chapter 1. They wrapped up a section on "workflow" vs. modern bpm frameworks with some discussion from the Tom Baeyens article "The State of Workflow".

            More later as I get to it. In short, if you want to figure out how to send an email from weblogic workshop, this is the wrong book. If you want to read about bpm concepts, this is probably it. As I said, I'm still in chapter 1, so it might not be so good later.