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    Authorization (jbpm.properties)

    Christian Taeubler Newbie

      Hello to all,

      i'm having a problem to bring JBPM3.0.1 to work with own Authentication.
      It seems to be that the jbpm.properties won't be loaded.

      userguide told to use this 'jbpm.properties' at root of classpath (what exactly means root?!? the start?)
      so i'm working with eclipse, the start of the classpath is the output folder of my testprojekt and there is the jbpm.properties file, but its just not used (or loaded) by jbpm?!?

      any suggestions?!? (i don't want recompile the thing!)


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          Christian Taeubler Newbie

          After Debugging it seems to be that following static initialization will never be called:

          in class Authorization

          protected static Authorizer authorizer = (Authorizer) JbpmConfiguration.getObject("jbpm.authorizer", null);

          maybe it seems to be a problem from 1.5. runtimes which i tested with jbpm-3.0.1.jar which is compiled against 1.5...

          so i will recompile against 1.4 and test it again, will post results tomorrow