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    using setter methods from FieldInstantiator

    Tim Squires Newbie


      I would like to enhance the FieldInstantiator class to use setter methods on the ActionHandlers instead of updating the value of a field directly in setPropertyValue.

      This is so I can extend more generic handlers and not have to copy the parameters to the super class. At the moment if I have MyGenericHandler with parameter1 and parameter2, then extend it with MyConcreteHandler, I have to declare both parameters again and copy the values using super.parameter1 = parameter1 or the super class parameters are null.

      If I could use setter methods instead, the values will be propergated to all classes and I will be happy - with tidier code to boot.

      I would like to extend the FieldInstantiator class but cannot find a nice way to make jBPM use my new version. I can edit the FieldInstantiator from the CVS source but that's not easily maintainable.

      Anyone have any ideas?