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    nwebie question

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      I am going to used jbpm to write a simple web based Holiday application.

      I use the jbpm ide for eclipse.

      In fact, what kind of project I should use? Dynamic Web Project, or JBpm Process Project ?


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          Susanta Newbie

          Hi Eric,

          As your going to build web based Holiday application.
          you can embed jbpm with your web application.

          Thanks & Regard,
          Susant Patnaik

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            Eric Chow Apprentice

            I tried to put a .par into the jbpm-server (within the jbpm-starter-kit), but it seems no effect. How can I know if it is successfully deploy the .par file ?

            If I deploy some flows into the JBoss, how can I use it in web application?

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              if it is realy deploying the par (you should see progress on this part) and if there is no error, it went fine. You can always look in the db to see if it is there.

              Regarding your second question. Currently it shows up automagically in the list of available processes if the start state has a task with it.

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                Eric Chow Apprentice

                Thanks for your information.

                Futhermore, how can I define the Users/Groups/Roles that can access the flow?

                And for a Form, how can define some access control on some fields?
                For example, some fields can be modified by UserA and UserB, some fields can by modified by RoleA or GroupB, etc.