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    fully-fledged ERP-System with jBPM 3 switched productive :-)

    Bernd Ruecker Master

      Hi all,

      we have just switched a big project of us productive, which uses jBPM 3 as heart for a special ERP-System. The BPM-Engine is the central instance which controls other business or technical services (as known as the SOA paradigm).

      We have implemented all important processes:
      - order processing
      - service
      - production
      - reparation
      - ...

      And everything works fine for a few weeks now :-) After a not small learning curve, jBPM has speeded up our development and our business processes are now extremely flexible.

      Special thanks to the jBPM guys, it is a very nice product, even it has it curiosities and limitations... We like it very much :-)

      The official press release (in german) can be found here: http://www.camunda.com/pressemeldung.php?newsitem_id=800

      If there are any questions or if you need support for one of your jBPM-projects (mainly in germany) dont hestiate to contact us...


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