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    a4j_3_1_GA, PrototypeScript null error in IE

    vivian hu Novice

      In a4j_3_1_GA, PrototypeScript, the following code:

      if (window.RichFaces && window.RichFaces.Memory) {
       window.RichFaces.Memory.addCleaner("prototype", function(node) {
       var eventID = node._eventID;
       if (eventID) {
       var cache = Event.cache[eventID];
       for (var eventName in cache) {
       var wrappers = cache[eventName];
       var domEventName = Event.getDOMEventName(eventName);
       wrappers.each(function(wrapper) {
       if (node.removeEventListener) {
       node.removeEventListener(domEventName, wrapper, false);
       } else {
       node.detachEvent("on" + domEventName, wrapper);
       cache[eventName] = null;
       delete Event.cache[eventID];

      The wrappers.each(function(wrapper)), wrappers is null. So I got a null error in IE only. Firefox show no error. It doesn't prevent you to go on and do the work.

      Is there anyway to avoid or fix this error?