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    Undeply workflow !

    Eric Chow Apprentice


      How can I undeploy the .par after deploy ?

      I tested the websale with jbpm3.0.1. And I also downlaoded the Design Tools for eClipse and create a simple .par.

      I deploy it with "http://localhost/jbpm/deploy?archive=mytest.par".

      How can I undeploy it after successfully deploy ?

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          Daniel Woo Newbie

          Seems impossible, although there are some reasons that it's somewhat difficult to undeploy a process but personally I think it should have the capability. We are using a commercial workflow system instead of jBPM3 just because we think jBPM can not maintain processes and user/role/group very well. But I still keep an eye on jBPM and hope we can use it in future.


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            Koen Aers Master

            What makes you think jBPM cannot maintain user-role-group very well? The default identity module keeps this info in simple tables in the database. If you want to do more complex things, you can rely on LDAP or other systems. The identity module is completely pluggable.


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master


              I agree. It should not be the primary task of the worklowengine to maintain roles, groups and users. In the company I work for we have an ldap server and a certain commercial engine is a pain in the ass to get integrated with it. We have to do replication of user etc (brrrr.......)

              A small demo I did with jBPM showed it integrated fairly simple. A small plugin based on Acegi did the work.

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                Daniel Woo Newbie

                Yes, agree with you that as a workflow engine, jBPM is pretty good, but it lacks tools. User/Role/Group maintenance is not a problem if you have time to write a small app to maintain jbpm_id_user/jbpm_id_group etc or use JNDI/Netscape API to maintain iPlanet LDAP server. But the fact is that we are very busy and lazy :-), our commercial workflow provides graphic tools to connect to database/LDAP/AD to maintain users/roles, you don't have to write your own code, that is time saving. Beside that, you can easily undeploy a process, the process refuse new erquests and waits for everyting is done, then delete itself, is this very difficult?


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                  Gerhard Wittwer Newbie


                  Yes, undeploy is impossible. I get several errors if I try to undeploy a process. So I took the possibility out of my webapplication (why should I show a feature which produces only exceptions).

                  I can't understand why undeployment should be difficult?


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                    Alejandro Guizar Master

                    Well, the current Hibernate mappings are designed to favor execution performance. Many associations do not cascade operations, and this causes constraint violations when deleting a process definition. Tom is working on that, but, you know, sometimes priorities get in the way.

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                      Daniel Woo Newbie

                      Yes, I tried to delete process directly from database but I found a lot of constraints there. It might take some time to delete a process. Anyway, jBPM engine is just great, I really want to do something for jBPM but I got no time.
                      gwittwer, for an interim solution, I guess you can get process definitions first and then filter them out.